Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Manger....

I look forward every year to putting up "my" manger with the emphasis on the MY!
You see about 15 years ago, I joined a ceramics class at a very low ebb of my life.
The weekly fellowship with those my age and several older ladies was life giving...

I made a deviled egg platter, an African Violet planter, a bank but what I most enjoyed
was making "My" manager....and it took months to make.

First you pour each mold, let it dry for a week or so, then clean each piece, paint, then fire.
I worked on all  19 pieces with joy and thrill and was very sad when I had it all completed.

I started with Mary, Joseph and the Baby and ended with the angel.

I used the same pretty soft shades of pink for Mary and the angel...guess they were kinda my favorites.

The wise men took a lot of effort because I painted each with different colors of clothing and then coordinated the camel bags.  The camels are big so they took time to complete.

Another favorite was all of the animals...two sheep, a goat, one cow, a donkey (of course) and the three camels.

There are a three pieces that I have never been too sure about...a beggar and a young man/boy with a horn and a man looking off in the distance.  Some years I use them and some not. I need to look in the scripture and see just who they are....any suggestions?

There is also a sweet little shepherd boy and I usually place his sheep in the manger and one beside him.

Sweet baby Jesus and his special parents...my manger on the mantel...in our den.

My close childhood friend's mother helped me pack each piece in a box lined with shredded news paper.
And here it is empty for a few months and all ready to be filled again...

Special time in my life.
Special time in the life of all.

What preparations are you making for the
King's birthday?

Blessings all,


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!! I have the same set my Mother in Law gave us before she passed away. Can you see the tears falling on my end of NC? I put our set up tonight. We LOVE it so, I never go a year without putting it out and use my MIL white table cloth sit it all on. I too would love to know what the extra pieces are I was thinking the boy with the horn was the drummer boy.

  2. I must join in with Debby's exclamations! You must have seen my mother's manger set that *she* bought in the 1940's ... one piece at a time. She gave that set to me in the 1980's .. a little worse for the wear, I'm afraid. That manger set is one of my most treasured things from my Mom.

  3. What a gorgeous manger... even more special that you made it!

  4. Your manger is gorgeous and you have done a beautiful job on it!

  5. i used to do ceramics, so I know what went into your nativity set. I would be very proud of it, too! It's very vintage and beautiful.

  6. Wow! You made these yourself? So very special to put out each year. I admire anyone who can paint things. I'm afraid I have to rely on the set from Wal Mart, but the meaning is still there.

  7. Beautiful nativity set and beautiful story. Very special to have just one. We collected nativity sets for awhile but I stll like some better than others. My husband also made one out of wood that I like. Thanks for sharing. Nancy

  8. Love your ceramic nativity. I have the ceramic Christmas tree with the multi colored lights. I haven't talked hubby into bringing it down from the attic yet. :/


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