Thursday, November 1, 2012

Slip Covers for Older Ottomans...

I had been reading about making a slip cover with drop cloths and trying to get my courage up to make one!! I purchased a smaller one at Lowes and finally got it out to wash it several times and get ready to cut. The chair that has found a permanent place in our new dinning/sitting area needs a recovering I decided a slip cover would have to wait.

So, my daddy's ottoman from my childhood would be just perfect for the project AND he also found this great little foot stool at his church yard sale and got it for me because he knew I would love it AND, I do!!!
So, a second project.

I covered them in a similar way but used different fabric for the cording...the smaller one is for me and my future chair (after daddy moves) and the larger one for Cliff and the chair when we finally get it recovered.

Pillow that matches the drapery panels...Cliff has already enjoyed using them "on the floor" ...eksssssss

You can see why the chair needs covering was my first furniture purchase years ago as a single girl!!So, I want to keep it, even though it would be cheaper probably to buy another chair...

And here is the cute little one...I would like to add a monogram someday soon...with one of two damask small pillows.

Here are the new panels that I made and you can see the before and after pictures of the old dinning room in   this post...notice the little birds on each end of the drapery rod, also from Lowes.

I had read several blogs about using drop cloths to make slip covers, but I most liked Miss Mustard Seeds series on sip covers here....there are 6 in the series and she shows you step by step just what to do and makes it look real easy....remember, I have NOT tried a chair yet, but I would now.
Besides, the cost of the drop cloths is so much less than upholstery fabric it makes you feel ok if you mess up.

Have any of you make slip covers? and what success have you had that you could share with me before I begin the chair (after reupholstering)

Blessings all,


  1. Oh your ottoman looks so great!

    Years ago I recovered all of my living room furniture after watching a video about how to do it. It really was easier than I thought and everything turned out great.

    I'm sure you will have no problem tackling the chair!

  2. They look great! I love the fabric you used for the cording.

  3. If you decide to do more, Harbor Freight has them for a great price!

  4. Your ambitious and talented! Love the little birds atop the drapery rod. Have you or anyone made the quilt called "X" marks the Spot Quilt? I made it once and have the pattern but didn't write down how much material I needed to buy. Anyone help me out??? Thanks. Nancy

  5. LOVE your dropcloth recovers!!! Especially liked the cording you added to each. I've been thinking of doing something like this too.... yours turned out great! The birds are adorable. Thanks Kathy for sharing.

  6. Great idea and they look so nice too.


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