Friday, June 29, 2012

Learning Something New....

Isn't it just grand how we can learn so much from one another.
One of the things I most enjoy is seeing WHAT you are doing
that may be different from what or how I do it.


Egg Salad making...
uses mustard and pickles
and I only use mayo!

Hand Quilting...
Trish at notes of sincerity 
does not use a thimble OR a hoop
and I use both!

Knitting socks...
Susan, my guild buddy, at The thread and I 
well, she knits socks
and I don't !!!

What blogs do you enjoy that encourage you to 
 "outside of your box?"

Blessings for a happy
Independence Day Week!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Having fun on Etsy...

I am really enjoying selling on Etsy!!
I made a post a while back about getting started in May
and have already sold 6 items and am working on a special order for a 
new bride in San Francisco..
Here are some of my recent listings.
Daffy Duck & Chick Buttons
Ceramic Sewing/Quilting Theme Buttons
I will post later when I get the wedding gift bags completed...
Take a look and I also encourage you to begin selling too.

I have made friends just like on my Needles and Pins blog.

my friends!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Door Color....

What do you think?

I have wanted to change our door color for some time but have just gotten around to actually  selecting  the paint and changing it.
Red, more of the same OR lime green...
We think we like it but if not
then we will try red.

But, I think I really like it!!!


Blessings all,

our first day trip to the beach...Harkers Island

Monday, June 11, 2012

Blue flowers...

These lovely lace cap hydrangeas
remind me to

be still



who is in control...


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thanking the Lord...

We had a series of scares this week when my husband, Cliff, got double vision in one eye. We started out with an ear, nose and throat doctor because we thought it may have come from an ear ache and infection. Next we visited his heart doctor who is also an internal medicine doctor also and discovered his triglycerides were very high. Then we went to his eye doctor who referred him to a neuro opthamologist. She thinks that he had a stoke in his eye that has damaged the eye muscle and that the double vision will repair itself in several months!!!
We go back to her for a MRI this Thursday to be sure...
He is resting well and eating with better nutrition in mind.

Needless to say, I am exhausted...these doctors are located in two towns about 45 miles and 90 miles from Kinston.

We are thankful 
that it is not worse than it is
that it will repair itself
that Cliff can learn from this experience
that the Lord is in him healing him as I write...

Remember us as you pray
and as always,
blessings my blog friends!!

Girl kneeling at chair praying

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Garden surprises...

My little backyard garden continues to surprise me with good things!!

Some how I thought I remembered putting last year's pumpkin in the border near our garden for this year...but when the beautiful large green heart shaped leaves emerged, I thought some of the squash seeds had dropped there and I was growing yellow squash.

 Then the green fruit looked like a watermelon....

so, today when I went out to clip the now yellowing, small, I thought watermelon off and did...I discovered that it WAS A PUMPKIN!!
Just not the large one I remembered but the smaller, decorative one...

Will it finish turning orange since I have cut it off the vine???

You gardening experts will have to let me know .