Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas china...

Every year I really hate to put up my Christmas china...
and this year I have two sets that I have really enjoyed using and looking at
as I pass through the kitchen and dinning room!!

When we got married I registered Holiday by Lennox for our fine china
and have never regretted it.
All of the dinner plates, salads, b&b, cups & saucers and serving dishes too.

My special childhood friend, Donna and her husband gave us the sugar dish and also the sugar shell in our sterling, Strasburg!!
What a really nice gift!!!

And they also gave us a place setting generous... and I do not think they have ever been able to eat with us and use it.

I always use it in the dinning room and decorate with red, green, and gold to accent the china colors...
made the Christmas tree napkin rings in ceramics to match.

Still want to monogram some pretty white linen napkins in red to match...
one year!!!

At a friend's yard sale this summer, I came across this pretty
Christmas Tree by Spode pattern 
and thought I would give it to my sister for her collection
but she did not need any more.
keep it for me and use in the kitchen...
and  that is exactly what I did.

Got 5 dinner plates, 7 salads and one canister for
$9.00...yes , I said 9 dollars....
bargain, huh.

So the kitchen is decorated with red & white check and Santa napkins
and I really loved it!! 
Have used the red & white checks for about 30 years now.

It is just too hard to put it all away with all of these memories
so, I think I will just leave it out til Valentine's Day
for one last meal...

Blessings all,

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas gifts...

I really enjoy making gifts at Christmas
and at other times of the year too!!
My family has started "drawing names" so we do not give as many as we 
used to give...
But, I do enjoy making the great nephews something
and this year I actually drew my sister's name.

So what did I make???

I actually found a similar idea on a blog
(not sure sorry for not giving credit!!)

These are pajama pillows for boys!!!

And here is  my sister with her cosmetic bag
and matching glass case in her favorite color

Also made some soup in a jar for friends
and still have to mail a few
for the new year...
think I will include some cracker mix
with theirs...

What did you make for your loved ones???
Please let me know.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas...busy time for homemakers!!!

This is just my time of year...what can I say...3 weeks since I posted!!!
So, what have I been doing????


enjoying  ...most of all!!!

Here are our two quilted star stockings that I finally completed
and put up today.

I found this wonky star idea from a fellow blogger.

and it is so easy to pattern needed!!

See how the triangles are all different???

I knitted these for us about 25 years ago
and they have been well used.

In fact, it is time for a bath on ole

You can see whose got the most

And Cliff said today when I put up the new stockings, "why didn't you put Mrs. Santa on yours"    .........after all these years, he still does not get it...but we understand, don't we girls!!!

wise men still seek Him!!!

my fellow bloggers
at this most special time of our year!!