Thursday, September 29, 2011

FINISHED !!!!!!!!

Sewing Room- Fabric Storage Make Over

Well this was a lot of work,
that is all I can say.
No wonder I left it for so long!!!




Doesn't it look much better?
I purchased baskets and a great little table 
so I could use the same closet space.

My fabric is layered so that I can see it without
having to take it out.
Each basket has three tiers of sorts.

My little sewing machine wall hanging
fits nicely over my daddy's WII foot locker.
(He hauled this up three flights of stairs on his back for me while helping me unpack
 in college and I have used in my house since !!) 

I can hang my finished baby quilts on the left side and 

my Bernina accessories on the right side.

Here is  my room all nice and tidy with the closet doors closed
and my fabric all in place!!

Now where did I stash all of the extra fabric??????????????
You will have to join me on my next post to see...

my sewing & quilting friends!


Closet and cooking....

I have made GREAT progress on my fabric closet...
pictures coming soon!!!

But now for supper.

Hamburger Pinwheels

Biscuits,Ground Beef, Salsa,Grated Cheese, Cheese Slices

Ya'll probably leaned this recipe from you old Home Economic
days in high school. Well, I did not and a quilt friend shared it with me about 2 years ago and I have been making it with success since.

She uses canned round biscuits but I like generic crescent rolls.
On floured tin foil, press the dough into a rectangle.

She sprinkles the 1/2 lb hamburger on but I like to brown it first.
Then I add some salsa (3T) right in the pan and mix,
let cool.

Next layer the meat and add cheese (1/2 c) to within 1/2" of all edges.
Roll up, using the foil and then
cut into 6-8 slices.

Place on greased pan and cook for
30 minutes
at 350 degrees.

Place a slice of cheese on top when you take out of the oven.
My husband especially likes the extra cheese!!

I often make these ahead of time and put in the frig
and pull out before cooking.

Serve with a nice salad and some fruit and you are set.
OR you can just have tater tots like we like!!!



Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fabric storage progress...

Well I am working on it ...that is all I can say!!
It is really a job...

But I have decided just to pass along some of the fabric
NOT because I do not like it but because
it just makes no sense to have it sitting her and
and not being used creatively!!

I purchased baskets (half price) at Big Lots!!
And they are ones that I really like with handles so that
I can use them in other places/other times , if needed!!

I am sorting into stacks to 
* keep for me,
* for my guild door prizes,
* for guild yard sale,
* to give away on my blog...for you!!!!

This do not even include my vintage fabric
which I will go through
and decide what to keep and what to sell.
Trying to organize my special things
for  Etsy...
some time in the near future!!!

keep watching and reading and I will let you know when it is
all done...

and have fun sewing
and creating!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Santa wall hanging...and double wedding ring...

Hurried home after the shop hop and started right away on
this cute little Santa wall hanging!!
Used the "Flurry" fabric and puffy batting so that his
belly would jiggle!! 

Decided to use Wonder Under Light
and to use it on the outside of the body...

This was it would not be bulky and the tummy would look full...
I think it worked.

Fold the fabric to find your center

and press in place...if you mess up, reheat and lift and reposition

The Plaid Scottie blog
wanted to see my first 
double wedding ring wall hanging 
that I made 15+ years ago...

(ew, messy bed...but then I am retired!!)
had NO idea that this was a difficult pattern
until my quilt friend said "I can not believe you made this for
one of your first projects!!"

Oh well, it has been over our bed since then...
and I still L oV e  it very much...

even hand quilted it!!!

I have made TWO matching pillows but we have destroyed
both from use and now I have this nine patch made from the
window treatment fabric...the last pillow cover is still in my
basket of "things to do"...

to my blog friends!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sour Dough Quilt Progress...

Not doing too well with reorganizing my fabric...but I am still thinking on it...maybe when it gets cooler!!

I have been able to work on blocks for the sour dough quilt and here they are...

Each block has a dark side and a light side. Most of my scraps seem to be brights so my darks are on the left of the black and pink polka dots accents and my lights on the right, diagonally.

This is not the pattern, I just layed the seven completed blocks out on the ironing board so you could see them.

Here is a picture of a completed sour dough quilt that my friend ,Dorothy, sent to us and I think this is the layout that we will all use. I am not sure if there are others OR what it would look like if sashing and borders were added.

We also celebrated my sister's 60th birthday last week and I made her hand prints of her three grandchildren's hands and framed them...
I actually got this idea from a friend so I can not claim originality here!!

And here is one of the little cuties with "G POP"...

His not so little print is the green one!!!
(My daddy is 84!! Doesn't he look great!!)