Monday, April 29, 2013

This and That...

Have been trying to SUCCESSFULLY grow our favorite cabbage, pointed head. Well, that is what we call them...early Spring and late Fall are their best growing times. But the bugs are getting ahead of me...

They looked great at first and no bugs were around. But then the heat set in for a few days and there they small worms!! I am really trying NOT to powder them as my farmer friend said I would have to do and have been using my magic spray.

Hot pepper and garlic.

But I have to go out and look for green worms about three times a day and I usually find at least one.

Here is a perfect head...

and this one is right beside of it.   No rhyme or reason??????

Pulled up a lovely radish and some turnip tops too.

And look at at the treasure that I found in the border while cleaning them out...

yes, an Indian arrow head.  My first ever!!

And last...a look at my Saturday night auction find.
Yellow speckled ware.

All for $3.00!!! Love a bargain.

Have a good week and
blessings all,

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Neuse Quilters Guild Presidents Blocks Quilt....Complete!!!

I want to say "thank you " to all of my Neuse Quilters Guild members who made these lovely blocks for me!!! One of the traditions in our guild, is to make the outgoing president a quilt block of their choosing.
I selected a 6" basket block with rick rack handles because I needed a new wall hanging for my sewing room AND needed to be able to complete enough UFOs !!!!

I finished the binding yesterday during our "stitch & chat" meeting and had the members pose for a picture.

We had a small group yesterday...probably should have waited until next week for our business meeting.

Fun group...thanks girls!

Blessings all,

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our little garden and some quilting...for me/us!!!

Our small lasagna garden up close to the house ( not that our yard is that big,,hahahahha) is coming along.

For those who do not remember my original "lasagna" post it it here Spring Gardening 2012...

Just last week I asked a "farmer" friend when my pointed head cabbage would start to head up and he said....soon....and yes, he was right!!Pretty little heads are coming along. BUT, so are the bugs. So, I gave in and gave them some quick dusting...which I was NOT going to do, but I did not have any hot pepper/garlic mixed up and had to act quickly and I knew it was going to rain so it would really wash off...ewwwwww.

Onions are growing nicely, radish too....some turnips and only a few beets came up, so far...lettuce too

Squash and cucumbers have baby leaves...

Carrots are behind the onions and taking their "sweet" time...this is a first for carrots in our garden.

And here are some zinnia volunteers, I hope!!

Our neighbor is working on cutting the crepe myrtles and got slowed down with poison oak...hope he finishes up and moves the limbs soon so we can get to the garden in the back border..planting sunflowers, eggplant and peppers here.

    This (above) should be my compost..but, I am going to burn it to get it our of my way...for my vision, you know!!

Now on to the quilting.             @#$%^&*()_)(*&^%%$#@

Decided that we needed a bed quilt since I HAVE NEVER MADE ONE FOR OUR BED. Can you believe it??? One for Cliff for our wedding, one for our 10th anniversary, and still working on the sunflower one for our den...but never one for our bed.

So, here it goes....6" blocks

Pretty butterfly backing...

Hope to get to sewing TODAY!!! will keep you posted.

Blessings all,

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sewing along on my guild basket quilt...

I am really liking how my guild basket square quilt is coming along...

little rick rack

jumbo rick rack

Need to select the backing and batting and then get going on how to quilt it...

any suggestions?????

Blessings all,

Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Items for Etsy...Kathryn's Needles and Pins

I have had the most fun cutting and sewing new items for my Etsy shop, Kathryn's Needles and Pins.
New quilts and some baby burp cloths made using cloth diapers.

Take a look!

Cloth Diaper Baby  Burp Cloth Set of Three (3) -Ann Kelle's "Bermuda Owls" Urban Zoology and Riley Blake's Chevron in Yellow and Aqua

Burp Cloth Set of Three (3) - Kate Spain's Central Park Zoo in brown and Riley Blake's Chevron in Yellow and Aqua on Aqua

Diaper Baby  Burp Cloth Set of Three (3) - Urban Zoology "Spring Chicks" by Ann Kelle, Polka Dots, and Riley Blake Yellow Chevron

Blessings all
on this lovely Spring day,