Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our Advent Wreath...

I can not remember making an advent wreath in the past and have wanted to for years. So, why not this Christmas?  

First, I started looking for pink and purple candles.  Not only do stores not sell many kinds of tapered candles anymore, but the sales staff have never heard of Advent. After looking on line and every store in town, I found purple ones at the florist and used a pink one from my candle drawer. They also had the plastic candle holders for $.48 each and I got four of those.

Next, I hunted the same sources for an 8"-10" floral oasis ring. The cheapest one I found was $15 and it measured 18". So I made one from oasis blocks and floral pins.

After making the ring, I soaked it in cold water for about and hour while I went in the yard to find the perfect greenery. I selected a fur bush in the corner of our yard (that I do not like OR use except this time of the year) for the first row,

variegated pittosporum for the second row, 

and boxwood for the top and to fill in.

I placed in on a pewter plate and set it on the buffet all ready for use on Sunday.

If you read the Upper Room as a devotional, turn to page 39 for the first Sunday of Advent and page 40-42 for a good explanation of and litanies.

Here is another good site about Advent. 

We are all ready for tomorrow now.

What special traditions do you have in your family?

Blessings all,


  1. I love it!!!!! I bought a book we are going to do during Advent.

  2. Beautiful!!!! Happy advent season!

  3. I love your wreath, Kathy. Very nice. I don't think we've ever done Advent. One of our main traditions has always been (at least for the last 25 years) to attend a Lessons and Carols service. It's usually the 2nd Sat in December. We've never missed...however, I think we're looking for a different Christmas concert this year after the conductor left that particular church, and the music became not as enjoyable. I hope we can make a new tradition.

  4. What a wonderful new tradition!!

  5. So lovely!! I love the natural foliage that you used!!


  6. Kathy, I absolutely LOVE your advent wreath. I made ours years ago from a silk Christmas wreath inserting my candles by hiding their holders under the wire of the wreath....but I like yours so much more. Same here on the candle search until I stopped by Wilson's 5& old fashioned dimestore of sorts and they always have the best selection of tapered candles in many different colors and lengths.

  7. PS thank you also for showing those of us who are fresh arrangement illiterate (ie ME) how this is done! :)


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