Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sweet Stroller....

I have a friend with a little granddaughter and she needed a "stroller outfit" in pink, of course.
So, I have been sewing pink gingham, pink rosebuds, and pink ticking. I really just love making fun things like this as I cut freely with scissors and a tape measure in my hand and then go to the machine and stitch away!!

Little tufted mattress and pillow,

fitted and top sheet,

eyelet pillow case,

and a pin wheel doll quilt.

She purchased the antique stroller for a good price and will give it for Christmas. I do not remember this type of wheels being on my childhood toys and I am 56, so I feel like it must be older than that. Perhaps some of you will recognize this style and help us date it.

I also made her a similar doll bed outfit last year for the same little one but used her mother's quilt squares to complete the pillowcase and may remember this post, pretty-little-doll-baby-bed.

Hope she enjoys playing with this one to...who knows, maybe I will get to make yet another one as she grows older!!!

Blessings all,


  1. I just love it! All the pink and all and the lace on the pillow case!!! Nancy

  2. Oh what a sweet set, The little one will be over the moon!!

  3. That is just beautiful!!!! I love the pinkness of it all.

  4. Kathy, That is the most beautiful set I've ever seen and what detail you've included in all the pieces. Perfect fabric for the mattress and pillow. The pin-wheel quilt is exquisite. The little flower fabric on the back reminds me of a childhood bedspread I had on my bed.... maybe my mother made it?... can't remember now. It was always one of my favorites. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work.


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