Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sewing on my "New" Featherweight....Finally!!

I bought this "new" to me Singer Featherweight last year and am just now getting around to sewing and checking it out.
It was made in 1955...just like me!!!
We are both 57 years old...

I wound a bobbin

and adjusted the tension and sewed a practice sample.

Any suggestions, hints OR Featherweight knowledge???

Please share your expertise with me...THANKS !!!

Blessings all,

Friday, July 26, 2013

Ideas Needed...Sewing Room Re- Do...

I need your ideas on helping me re-arrange my sewing room. 

Inspiration rooms...

Photo from  Annie's Cupboards

although I do have these doors

Laundry and Mud Room Makeover

   Beth's  unskinnyboppy blog

this is a laundry room but Hey, I like it!I

Sewing room

Ikea idea page

It has been 12 years since I turned the extra bedroom into my sewing room and OH how I have enjoined it. For those who are sewing in other places -(dinning room table, floor, guest bed, kitchen...well, let's just say, I have been there and THIS IS NICE !!!

I have to 

remove this border

Clean base boards

(I know this is awful but I need to be honest)

Take down window treatments, clean windows 


I am going to try and be BOLD and select the one on the far left...treatments with damask fabric


This I can handle or at least get started on. 


What I can not decide on is how to enlarge my sewing table space.

The sewing table is my great grand mother's stand with new oak top so I love getting to use it and as you can see, I load it up with sewing "stuff" (although this is unusually full)

I found this type of table at Aldi's and I am sure other places sell them to and I kinda like the idea of size and color...but will it adequately increase the table top space that I need?
Please offer helpful ideas of what you have done, hope to do, or what possibilities you see for my space.

Blessings all

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Found this on facebook and just loved it....wanted to pass it on!!!

I need to share this!

Blessings all,

Monday, July 15, 2013

What I am Working On...

I finished my applique on the border of the log cabin quilt yesterday and I like it for now...but you must remember this is a quilt that I pieced about 7-8 years ago and then put up because I was not excited about completing it. 

But I do love it now that it is done...I really want to put my frame up and hand quilt it...another project...getting the frame out of the garden house, cleaned up and the quilt on it!!

Hopeful that the next time it is photographed it will be on the frame!!!

Blessings all,

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Applique...Applique....I do love applique !!!

I find it so relaxing to sit and work on needlework.

I can think back to learning the "lazy daisy" stitch while working on a Girl Scout badge in Mrs. Julia Woolard's sun room at about age 10 or so. I just took to embroidery right away!

Then there are memories of my paternal grand mother and great aunts working on all kinds of needlework and of course my sweet mama too.

I do not remember learning to hand applique and may have just picked it up by reading and looking at other's work...but it has become a favorite to include in my quilts.

You have seen the hearts that I am appliqueing on the paste log cabin quilt in past posts.

And today I uncovered my sunflower quilt that a dear older guild member helped me get started.

I can machine applique, which I did today for a quick baby gift...

But nothing takes the place of appliqueing by hand....relaxing...

And what about you applique too??

Blessings all,

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Facebook...Needles & Pins business...take a peak !!!

I have loved using facebook since my retirement and have a personal page...
Kathy Duke
...and a business page too.

If you use facebook too, you must check it out
and do not forget to
it on the top right corner!!

I list interesting info here
for my Etsy business,
friends sewing
trending sewing info too.

Blessings all,

Friday, July 5, 2013


I have really enjoyed the rain here in Eastern North Carolina. We are located about 56 miles from the coast where afternoon showers are frequent. But we have been getting them inland for about two weeks now.

So, I have enjoyed sewing (inside)


gardening (outside)

and I am in love with my first carrots!

LOVE, love, LoVe !!!!!! our summers..

Blessings all,

Monday, July 1, 2013

Family Reunion Quilt Top Finished....signatures next

We had a wonderful time at my husband's Duke family gathering this past weekend. 
Here are the cousins today..

Here are the cousins about 60 years ago...four little ones on the front and two girls on the left...

And here is the quilt top...waiting for signatures...we will send it to each family to sign and to enjoy for a while before they pass it on!!!

Blessings all,