Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sour Dough Quilt Progress...

Not doing too well with reorganizing my fabric...but I am still thinking on it...maybe when it gets cooler!!

I have been able to work on blocks for the sour dough quilt and here they are...

Each block has a dark side and a light side. Most of my scraps seem to be brights so my darks are on the left of the black and pink polka dots accents and my lights on the right, diagonally.

This is not the pattern, I just layed the seven completed blocks out on the ironing board so you could see them.

Here is a picture of a completed sour dough quilt that my friend ,Dorothy, sent to us and I think this is the layout that we will all use. I am not sure if there are others OR what it would look like if sashing and borders were added.

We also celebrated my sister's 60th birthday last week and I made her hand prints of her three grandchildren's hands and framed them...
I actually got this idea from a friend so I can not claim originality here!!

And here is one of the little cuties with "G POP"...

His not so little print is the green one!!!
(My daddy is 84!! Doesn't he look great!!)


  1. That was a wonderful gift and I am sure she loved it. Nice celebration.

    I love your how your quilt is coming along. I love "happy" colors. Judy C in NC

  2. Your quilt is going to be so pretty. I really like that pink daisy fabric.

    What sweet gifts for your sister. I'm sure she'll treasure them.

    Yes, your dad looks great!

    Hope you're having a great week! :)

  3. I love your fabric choices for the quilt! So pretty.

    My fabric isn't organized like I want it either. I like Quiltville's Scrap User's system, but I don't want to cut my fabric into strips until I know what I'm going to use each one for.

  4. I love the prints you're using for your sourdough quilt.


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