Thursday, September 29, 2011

FINISHED !!!!!!!!

Sewing Room- Fabric Storage Make Over

Well this was a lot of work,
that is all I can say.
No wonder I left it for so long!!!




Doesn't it look much better?
I purchased baskets and a great little table 
so I could use the same closet space.

My fabric is layered so that I can see it without
having to take it out.
Each basket has three tiers of sorts.

My little sewing machine wall hanging
fits nicely over my daddy's WII foot locker.
(He hauled this up three flights of stairs on his back for me while helping me unpack
 in college and I have used in my house since !!) 

I can hang my finished baby quilts on the left side and 

my Bernina accessories on the right side.

Here is  my room all nice and tidy with the closet doors closed
and my fabric all in place!!

Now where did I stash all of the extra fabric??????????????
You will have to join me on my next post to see...

my sewing & quilting friends!



  1. Reorganizing ALWAYS feels SEW GOOD, doesn't it?

  2. Very, very nice! Feels good, doesn't it? =)

  3. This looks great! I need to work in my sewing room because its gotten in a mess lately.

  4. You've done a lovely job getting organized. Looking forward to your next post - where did it go??

  5. Your room organization looks terrific! Isn't it refreshing to create in an organized space?

  6. I love your sewing machine wall hanging. What a great place to hang it. Good job on the getting organized.

  7. Your sewing room looks wonderful! Sadly mine currently looks like your before pics. Thanks for the inspiration to do a tidy up.

  8. Beautiful job...funny I just did the same a complete redo!

  9. Looks great!! The hard part is keeping it neet!!

  10. Wish you lived closer, you could do my closet! Love the look of it.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I wanted to say that I think a journal for you and your friend's prayer time is a great idea. You can keep track of the requests as well as the answers! I have one myself.

  11. OMG it is beautiful!! I think I just have way too much fabric!!!!
    Thanks for your encouragement


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