Thursday, September 29, 2011

Closet and cooking....

I have made GREAT progress on my fabric closet...
pictures coming soon!!!

But now for supper.

Hamburger Pinwheels

Biscuits,Ground Beef, Salsa,Grated Cheese, Cheese Slices

Ya'll probably leaned this recipe from you old Home Economic
days in high school. Well, I did not and a quilt friend shared it with me about 2 years ago and I have been making it with success since.

She uses canned round biscuits but I like generic crescent rolls.
On floured tin foil, press the dough into a rectangle.

She sprinkles the 1/2 lb hamburger on but I like to brown it first.
Then I add some salsa (3T) right in the pan and mix,
let cool.

Next layer the meat and add cheese (1/2 c) to within 1/2" of all edges.
Roll up, using the foil and then
cut into 6-8 slices.

Place on greased pan and cook for
30 minutes
at 350 degrees.

Place a slice of cheese on top when you take out of the oven.
My husband especially likes the extra cheese!!

I often make these ahead of time and put in the frig
and pull out before cooking.

Serve with a nice salad and some fruit and you are set.
OR you can just have tater tots like we like!!!



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  1. I would love to make these! They sound easy and delicious.


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