Monday, August 22, 2011

Fabric Storage...

I need many  ways I am sure!!! 

BUT, for now I am trying to think of ways to store my fabric. I have it on top of my daddy's WW II footlocker ( which I have covered twice to use- yellow in college and now it is blue) in the closet in my sewing room. This was fine when I first started quilting because I did not have much fabric and I could color coordinate it.

 NOW....well all I can say
 is that I probably do not have as much as many of you but it has grown!!

Baskets, metal bins, plastic drawers...

What is your best advice?

The rest of my sewing room is ok. It functions well for me and also
has a recliner and tv so I also have a great "get away!!"

Please let me hear what you use
and help me out!!



  1. Wow - all I can offer is I had my husband build me stand alone shelves/cabinets - can probably be seen back on my archieved post for Oct-Nov 2010. I fold my fabric over a 6-inch ruler, slip ruler out and fold in half and that is the size he made the shelves. If you do not have room for stand alone shelves, I would resort to wire shelves (closet organizer kind) all over that closet. Be careful, those shelves also hold UFO's. All I have to offer. Judy C in NC

  2. You definitely need shelves in your closet...either wooden or the wire ones...I have the wire and installed them myself...not too hard, just make sure you find a beam before putting in the brackets. Fabric weighs ALOT!! Here's a picture of my sewing room closet

  3. I arrange mine according to colors in clear boxes on shelved carts, but I am not sure that is the best way either.

  4. I have (2) 6' bookcases that house translucent crates. I like the translucent crates because I can easily see what color is in the crate. I try to put 1 color per crate but if there isn't enough of one color, I do combine colors in a crate. The problem I've had over the years is that when I find a crate that I really like, the store stops carrying them or they are no longer made! aarrrgghhh!

    I fold my fabric into "books" of approximately 9" x 11". Since 9" is approximately 1/4 yard, I can easily estimate how much yardage is in a book by counting the folds. I have a tutorial on my website of how I do this at

    However, lately I have been eyeballing an IKEA bookcase + cubby set, which you can see at This system looks like it might be a suitable answer to re-doing my fabric storage. The only reservation I have is the cubbies aren't translucent.

  5. I use my closet for my fabrics as I'm using a spare bedroom. I fold mine up by designers and then by color. I purchased a bookcase from IKEA to put in the closet just for the fabric. It was fairly inexpensive.
    Here's a link to another blogger friend and what she did with hers. She got the idea off of Pinterest.

    Her idea is terrific and I believe she got her shelves at Target for practically nothing!


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