Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Santa wall hanging...and double wedding ring...

Hurried home after the shop hop and started right away on
this cute little Santa wall hanging!!
Used the "Flurry" fabric and puffy batting so that his
belly would jiggle!! 

Decided to use Wonder Under Light
and to use it on the outside of the body...

This was it would not be bulky and the tummy would look full...
I think it worked.

Fold the fabric to find your center

and press in place...if you mess up, reheat and lift and reposition

The Plaid Scottie blog  http://www.theplaidscottie.com
wanted to see my first 
double wedding ring wall hanging 
that I made 15+ years ago...

(ew, messy bed...but then I am retired!!)
had NO idea that this was a difficult pattern
until my quilt friend said "I can not believe you made this for
one of your first projects!!"

Oh well, it has been over our bed since then...
and I still L oV e  it very much...

even hand quilted it!!!

I have made TWO matching pillows but we have destroyed
both from use and now I have this nine patch made from the
window treatment fabric...the last pillow cover is still in my
basket of "things to do"...

to my blog friends!!


  1. Your santa is so cute and the fabrics you used are very beautiful. I love the colors of the double wedding very much.
    Have a nice day


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