Friday, June 29, 2012

Learning Something New....

Isn't it just grand how we can learn so much from one another.
One of the things I most enjoy is seeing WHAT you are doing
that may be different from what or how I do it.


Egg Salad making...
uses mustard and pickles
and I only use mayo!

Hand Quilting...
Trish at notes of sincerity 
does not use a thimble OR a hoop
and I use both!

Knitting socks...
Susan, my guild buddy, at The thread and I 
well, she knits socks
and I don't !!!

What blogs do you enjoy that encourage you to 
 "outside of your box?"

Blessings for a happy
Independence Day Week!!


  1. Hi! I guess I don't have a favorite but I love looking at the garden or quilting blogs. One can learn so much. Will have to check out Notes of Sincerity. Nancy

  2. Hi Kathy! Too funny!!! I was just telling Tom the other day about how it was so much fun hearing how you make your egg salad!! And YES!, I enjoy learning how other folks do things..... to such an extent, that it even had bearing on some of the seeds we planted in our garden this year. And now we're tasting and eating vegetables we've never tried before. Blessings to you!


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