Friday, July 13, 2012

Quilting and gardening...

I have been busy the past week with many things...
Cliff has had a stomach bug that hit him twice, so we have been staying in and 
taking care of him, eating lightly and listening to a lot of needed rain!!

My high school girlfriend brought over some fabric for me to make TWO quilts for her
new grand daughters..yes, two...her only daughter is expecting twin girls!!
Here is her lovely fabric...

pictures of the quilts later.

While watching/listening to the rain, I have been working on my sunflower quilt.

I decided to machine quilt the sashing to hold all in place

machine embellish the border

and hand quilt each sunflower

and tack the center of each...

What do you think?

A few garden pics too...



  1. Your sunflowers are coming along nicely! They look great!
    Your garden is also really nice. Enjoy the rain! We had a little but need more. We are now considered a "disaster" area because of the droughts.

  2. Twin girls? How exciting that will be and such fun fabric for the quilts too!!!!

    The sunflower looks fabulous. The real garden is looking good as well.

  3. Your sunflower looks great. Pretty material for the twins too. Lovely garden pictures. Nancy

  4. We too got rain this week, yepee! Your garden looks so nice, mine is full of weeds after all the hot weather but its still putting out veggies thankfully.
    Love the sunflower quilt, can't wait to see the entire quilt

  5. Your garden is doing well..... So sad to hear that Cliff is under the weather.... I do hope he is better soon...........

  6. I think your idea for your sunflower quilt is great!!

  7. I LOVE the sunflower. Reminds me of my sister who is a missionary in Honduras. She loves sunflowers. I miss her!

  8. I LOVE what you are doing with your sunflower quilt! Each one looks a little different.... can hardly wait to see it when it's done. Your garden looks like it is doing well. How exciting... your pumpkins ripened up beautifully!!! Hope your husband is feeling better.


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