Thursday, June 21, 2012

Having fun on Etsy...

I am really enjoying selling on Etsy!!
I made a post a while back about getting started in May
and have already sold 6 items and am working on a special order for a 
new bride in San Francisco..
Here are some of my recent listings.
Daffy Duck & Chick Buttons
Ceramic Sewing/Quilting Theme Buttons
I will post later when I get the wedding gift bags completed...
Take a look and I also encourage you to begin selling too.

I have made friends just like on my Needles and Pins blog.

my friends!!


  1. You are doing fantastic! I need to spend some more time making things for mine.

  2. Hi! That sure is a cute little table topped! You accomplish a lot! I haven't did anything about my red color bleeding yet. Health problems still. Will let you know when I do. Nancy

  3. Help me! Where is the link to your shop?

  4. sorry Amy, I forgot to do it will have to go to the right side of my page where it says Kathy's Shop. You can click on an individual pictures OR kdduke under Etsy...this is called a "Etsy Mini"

  5. Oh, you have a lovely etsy shop! Lovely items, and I love the Scriptures you've chosen to display in the descriptions ~ love it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. A blessing to *meet* you! Think I'll check out your blog and etsy shop again soon.


  6. I have been thinking about an ESTY shop, was it easy to set up and now manage?


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