Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Garden surprises...

My little backyard garden continues to surprise me with good things!!

Some how I thought I remembered putting last year's pumpkin in the border near our garden for this year...but when the beautiful large green heart shaped leaves emerged, I thought some of the squash seeds had dropped there and I was growing yellow squash.

 Then the green fruit looked like a watermelon....

so, today when I went out to clip the now yellowing, small, I thought watermelon off and did...I discovered that it WAS A PUMPKIN!!
Just not the large one I remembered but the smaller, decorative one...

Will it finish turning orange since I have cut it off the vine???

You gardening experts will have to let me know .




  1. I think they will continue to ripen if you keep them in a warm place. You might check on the internet.
    What a cute little story. That would be a cute picture book for a small grandchild! Then you have to include the "after" ripening and maybe even a Jack O'Lantern face at the end.

  2. AWWW, everything looks wonderful!!! Seems like for the pumpkins to turn orange they need to be cut from the vine, can't wait to see what it turns into!

  3. No idea if they will ripen, BUT....your sunflower is awesome!!!!!

  4. Aha! Someone else who forgets what they've planted! lol I have no idea if it will turn ripe but agree with Linda that it would make a cute children's story. Nancy

  5. I'm not sure how pumpkins turn orange. I didn't know they started out green. I thought I remembered seeing them in the fields orange and they aren't usually picked until they are orange. Anyway, that's neat that you have a pumpkin vine. Your garden looks great!

  6. Clueless here, but what a fun surprise!

  7. Yes, it will turn orange. Aren't gardens wonderful?


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