Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Door Color....

What do you think?

I have wanted to change our door color for some time but have just gotten around to actually  selecting  the paint and changing it.
Red, more of the same OR lime green...
We think we like it but if not
then we will try red.

But, I think I really like it!!!


Blessings all,

our first day trip to the beach...Harkers Island


  1. I like it!

    Good beach picture too!

  2. I like it too - much brighter than the dark and really lights up that area. blessings, marlene

  3. I like the lighter green too!

  4. The light gree, so happy looking

  5. Nice! The lighter green looks so cheerful and bright. Nancy

  6. good choice, it brightens the whole entryway!

  7. Great new door color......... Such a welcoming entrance.............You certainly do have that special touch.

  8. Hi Kathy - I love your new blog look and your house is looking very spiffy with the new door color. Glad you are having a good summer. I ham still trying to get well - another 12 weeks of treatment for my vaculisitis/kidney problemms - slow going, but looking forward to finding my happy sewing spirit again. Happy Summer - we also sold our two-story house on six acres and looking for a single-story cottage. With six kids surely we can do this. Judy c

  9. I like the bright new color. And your flowers look so pretty. A welcoming entrance. :)


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