Friday, June 17, 2011

Yellow & Blue Log Cabin Squares

The Neuse Quilters Guild has been having a block challenge. I won these yellow and blue log cabin blocks!!!
My husband and I are UNC- Tarheels fans and so I used some UNC fabric on two of my blocks...thinking that I would give the winner the choice to use them OR remake the blocks in case they were a NCSU fan!!  Just as a little joke of course!!
Here are the 27 blocks that I won!!

Now, to select a pattern...  here are a few layouts to help me decide...
What do you think...which one should I use OR is there another pattern????????


Here you can see my little joke with the UNC fabric!!




And what about a small blue border with a totally different
 fabric and a yellow border with some applique or embroidery???


  1. Wow, Kathy, these are all pretty. I tend to like sharp patterns, but have thought about making the style you have at the top (I know it has a name, but can't think of it). I like the last two for some reason. Beautiful work, by the way! My sections are never that straight! Love it!

  2. I like #3. I would remove those yucky Carolina fabrics though :_)

  3. I like choice #2. What lovely colours.
    Wilma in Calgary, Canada

  4. I like #4 - I just had to say it - now which one are you really going to do. I do not think we were of much help. so next time be careful what you ask for. I love the narrow blue border, other fabric border idea. Judy C

  5. Oh you lucky girl you!!
    What gorgeous blocks you won!!

  6. I like #3 the best. Log cabins are so versatile, there are so many ways to lay them out.


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