Monday, June 13, 2011


I seems that our apple tree is beginning to provide us with some good fruits!! Actually, my husband took a tour of our yard and picked some..a bit early. So, why not make some yummie apple rings for supper?

You know, I really have begun to sound like my mama. aunts, and grandmama's when I say that I do not have a recipe but that I just add some flour, sugar, egg, milk, and cinnamon.

I am off to water aerobics and then back for dinner...
I have been sewing some and will post some pictures late...

I won our guild's yellow & blue challenge blocks and have NOT pieced them yet...still hand quilting my "Charming" wall hanging and completed two quilt repairs today...


  1. I have never seen anyone make apples that way before. Looks yummy!! Our apple trees were just in blossom up here in Ohio. The only thing we are harvesting right now is strawberries!!

  2. I miss living near fresh locally grown apples.It's way too hot in south Texas. "Real" apples taste so good!

  3. Those apple rings look great. The sour dough quilt is a new one to me. I'll have to look it up on line.

  4. These look really good - wish I had thought of this. I remember grandmother would take out a bag of dry apple slices which had been dried on the tin roof, and make up pie dough and form apple turnovers. We would have these for Saturday night supper when we visited - we always had a big mid-day meal. Memories of apples and cinnamon. Judy C sends her best

  5. Your apples look delicious. I have never seen them made like that but am sure they were delicious. I loved to pick apples when we lived in good right off the tree!

  6. oh my goodness Kathryn ~ they sure look good and easy! I would love to go apple pickin!
    enjoy your evening.

  7. You fried those? Oh my, I need a taste! blessings, marlene

  8. Kathy have not seen Fried Apples in along time
    my Mother made those alot when we all lived on
    the farm with huge Apple Orchard..So Yummy!!

    Love you Picutre of the Blue Dish's I have
    nice collection also....

    Great Blog too... so re-freshing...:-)

    Enjoy your Weekend...
    So sorry for Anonymous title Blogger is still
    creating issues to Post Comments grr !!!!



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