Saturday, February 16, 2013

Squaring Up, Snow and Seeds...???

Do you like to square up a quilt? Well, I DO NOT !!!
I really jut like to put the borders on and get it finished
so I can hold it up and go... is finished.

Here are some hints/pointers/rules
that others have discovered
that I find helpful.

First I love my 6" X 12" ruler.

I find common measurements for the block,

like 1/4", 1/2" or 1" etc

and make sure that I am holding the ruler on that mark
on the left side of the square
then cutting on the right side(of the ruler)
any excess fabric needed to be cut.

 I used some blue painters tape to place on the ruler here

to help me see better, since the fabric was so light in this spot.

However, I need some new kept on tearing off in pieces.

After all four sides are square OR
reasonably so,

add top and bottom border
and square again...

and the same for the two side borders...

Top with out borders

with borders

and then square up the whole top...oh my...this is too much...but necessary.

Make any sense?

Oh yea...the snow.

Well, we are suppose to get some light snow
here in eastern NC over night.

So, will be inside quilting away.

I am really glad about getting another hard freeze for gardening
purposes since we have not had many.

Hoping to plan carrot, turnip, beet and radish
seeds in a week or two.

Blessings all,


  1. You're right...DO NOT like squaring up! Mainly because I don't quite know what I'm doing. My daughter has more patience and helps me out! All your sailboat squares are bright, colorful, and beachy!

  2. Great quilt you have there....... Thank you for the tips on squaring a quilt top........

    We can both stay in and sew if the snow flies.....

  3. I'm not a big fan of squaring up anything, but it sure does help with the end result! Thank you for sharing your tips!

  4. Thanks for the instructions! I have worn out my cutting mat and am in the market for a new one. I would like a ruler like yours too.

    It has been snowing here for about 30 minutes.

  5. I hate to square quilts up :( Sometimes I just let it go, cole is good enough. We had a little snow this AM but not enough to stick darn it!

  6. Oh, my didn't know I was suppose to square all that up! Innocence is bliss! I was just shown how to square blocks and no, I don't like squaring up! We got a few snow flurries today! Nancy

  7. Don't like "squaring up" either...thanks for the tips!


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