Saturday, February 9, 2013

Packing Up and Photos

I decided to take down the last of my Christmas decorations today...all but the mantel with the manger , of course. And wanted to take some photos for last minute memories.

Snow man
made from a kit

I made two from this pattern...
one for a friend and this is mine.


Added a cute little sunflower mug rug

to  my Etsy shop also.


And working on a baby sailboat quilt too...

So much fun to make.

And a good old pot of chili for dinner is COLD here in the south!!

for the south...

Blessings all,


  1. We just had chili this week too but ours was chili mac with macaroni added! You have some nice things. I think we are all getting rather anxious for a little warmer weather! Nancy

  2. Chili is one of our favorites for cold winter days. Sometimes I fix it on Saturday to have ready for Sunday lunch since there isn't much time to spend cooking something before leaving for church.

  3. I love the Christmas decorations that you made... especially the embroidery in the wallhanging you made. LOVE the sunflower Mugrug and how you offset the flower. Very pretty. Ooooooo, we LOVE chili here too and on our cold and rainy night tonight, enjoyed a meal of chili mac. As much as I enjoy Christmas decorations, it sometimes feels nice to have everything neatly packed away with the house back together again. Look forward to seeing more of your baby sailboat quilt. Hugs.


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