Monday, July 16, 2012

Sour Dough Quilt progress.....slow !!!.

While working on the twin baby quilts, I had to stop to shop for more fabric.
So, I pulled out my Sour Dough quilt blocks to count them and decided to 
work on a few more.

Here is my progress
and I am really liking the layout that I think I will use.

You can really see the layout design from a distance.

Here it is a bit closer...

Don't you just love the daisies????

and here is a single 8" block...

for a great week
full of "opportunities"
to share our Lord's
precious love!!


  1. Beautiful. Go for it.

  2. The black and pink polka dots really make this quilt! It's going to be so cute when it's done. =)

  3. What a happy quilt, LOVE the daisies!!! Did you make the double wedding ring on your wall? Out of this world beautiful.

    1. I did Debby...but out of WalMart fabrics and I did not know what I was doing...I have enjoyed it though.

  4. I DO LOVE THOSE DAISIES!!!!!! What a fun cheerful quilt!! Love your garden and applique blocks too!!

    Have a blessed day!!

  5. That is really going to be terrific - love the bright colors - will watch for a completion. Judy C

  6. Oh, my! This is going to be beautiful!! Nancy

  7. I do love them. They are fun and have great movement.

  8. What a striking quilt. Love the daisies and I'm with Amy, the black and pink polka dots really make the design pop.
    PS Your double wedding ring quilt is gorgeous. Your work is beautiful.

  9. I love the fabrics you are using. And, they look great any way that you arrange them.

  10. I do hope you will share that pattern with me.

    It looks like a great scrappy quilt.

  11. This is working up so pretty! I so enjoy the strong diagonal lines around your daisy prints ~


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