Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rolling quilts and making memories...

Been working on quilts with new fabric and adding some vintage too...
something about adding memories to my quilting.

The stripe square here is from fabric my mama used to cover twin head boards for a guest room. The twin beds were used by my sister and me when we shared a bedroom when I was little. I actually do not remember sharing, but my sister does.

Scrappy heart applique...

The backing is from a woven bedspread we used on our bed...
makes the quilt feel all "warm and fuzzy" !

Here is a blue version where I am adding a blue block of  pin point oxford from
my husband's old shirts...

I will add a sail boat scrappy applique...

and back with the woven spread too...

and then roll and add to the top of my pile...may sell these two!!

for a good week!!


  1. beautiful quilts! you amaze me at how much you get done

  2. I love both versions. So you don't remember sharing???

  3. I love this quilt. ANd I love quilts that put some memories into them. I've made a couple of memory quilts and they are special.

  4. They look great! Good ideas on adding memories to them. =)

  5. Such pretty quilts!!! How cool to add special memory fabric to them. I have some quilt squares of my grandmothers I want to do something like this with someday.

  6. Awarded you the sunshine award, post it on your blog and answer the 10 questions about yourself! Love your blog!!


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