Saturday, October 19, 2013

New Scrap Project...

I have sorted my favorite fabric scraps...including just plain throwing some AWAY!!!!!  YES, I said I actually threw some fabric away. Why? Well, I just did not like it and was tired of it...enough said.
(They were really small pieces though )

As I sorted my red, white, blues, yellow and tans, I decided to start a new Veterans Home quilt. Here is  Beth's Blog post about the paper foundation blocks that I have wanted to try and this seemed like the project. 
Love, Laugh Quilt

Lovely star, isn't it!!
"Thanks Beth"

My friend, Betty from Guild, has been helping us make old fashioned string blocks which we had made for charity quilts so I am used to the process.

Betty on the right with one of her many creations .. a method that she learned from her mama.

here are the really quick and easy steps to making the star block.

I just kinda measured the same from the center point
and drew a line to the bottom part of the triangle
(sorry, but I forget what the sides are called...maybe one of you can correct me)
to make the template for the "star". Then I cut all of the yellow pieces.

Sew one strip, any size of scrap, both sides of the yellow star piece

Keep pressing and adding strips until finished...
I only used a 1/8" seam to keep bulk down.
But if you are not too sure of your seam allowances
you may want to use 1/4".

trim all sides...

and voila`
you are done....

with one triangle
that makes up the star bock of four.

Blessings all,


  1. Oh, I like this so much And I could do this without stressing. Thanks for the pictures.

  2. Love it, Kathy. =) This block is on my list.

  3. Great way to recycle a phone book............... Somewhere in my store upstairs is a large stack of phone pages that I had cut to 8 inches square........ Took it to a printer and for a very few dollars they were all cut the same size..

  4. What a beautiful block!!! I am saving this pattern for a "Quilt of Valor" quilt, thanks for sharing.

  5. Your star blocks are lovely! Thanks also for showing the old-fashioned string block quilts. I have a few heirloom, hand-stitched family quilts and some are this type of pattern.

  6. It is always fun to get our material organized, isn't it! Do you cut strips and squares ahead of time to have ready like some people do? How many hours a day you must spend quilting! Nancy


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