Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Your Advice Needed....Growing Dill.....and Pickles

I have some lovely dill in my little garden up close to the house that is ready to use but I am NOT ready to make pickles.

 Here in Eastern North Carolina our weather has been getting pretty hot so my vines are blooming but no cucumbers as of yet.

So what do I do with the dill????

I do not want to cut it unless I have to and do not know how long it will stay fresh and pretty.

What is your advice?

How can I preserve it with it drying out to use in my pickles?

Blessings all,


  1. I'm sorry I'm no help. I never grew dill. I bet you could do an internet search and find something. We have teenie tiny cucumbers, but the way they grow, it won't be long.

  2. Having the same problem here with my first attempt at growing dill. I'm letting mine go to seed and hope to eventually harvest the seed as that is what is so expensive to buy. I've never used fresh dill in my pickles and that is why I planted the dill seed this year, but it seems to be on a different growing schedule than the cucumbers. Let us know what works for you. Sorry couldn't be more helpful.

  3. I am no help either as wondered how that works too! My dill reseeded and I have it growing all over! Hope someone can help you and inform us all! Nancy

  4. Is this the pickles cucumbers or gherkins that you are wanting to do? My Mum used to use it dried if that was all she had - stems and all. Doesn't look as nice, and is quite woody but it still gives the flavour to the pickles... Providing it still has the seeds on it it will work.

    Dorothy in Oz

  5. Couldn't it be picked and put in the crisper to keep until your cucumbers are ready? I have found that things keep longer in the crisper in cereal bags rather than plastic too. It's been years since I made dill pickles but I think it would be o.k. to pick it now.

  6. The same thing happens here. It is so frustrating. You can always dry it and then add it. It will rehydrate when you do that.


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