Sunday, June 23, 2013

Look....what came in my mailbox!!!

Aren't they just lovely!!!
Sweet Nancy at Cozy Thyme Cottage  knitted these for me and sent them to me.

I have already used the blue one as a hot pad this morning
because I do not want to get them wet yet!!!

SO special...

Thanks Nancy!!

Blessings all,



  1. Your very welcome Kathy! I love knitting them because they are mindless work and keep my hands busy!! I am still working on the Valentine Runners that bled and you gave me hints about getting the red out of the white. Finally have them all sewed together and batting and backing cut out. Now have to quilt a design in the middle and then sew the binding on. Whew! It is taking me long enough! Nancy

  2. You receive gifts because you are a special person....... Those are great dishcloths.. You will enjoy them and they last a long time.....

  3. Those are lovely! Nancy is such a sweet person, as are you.


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