Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Duke Family....quilt

My husband's cousins are gathering this weekend for food, family & fellowship!!
Several of the first cousins have NOT seen each other in many years...some 30+ years.
So we are going to have a grand time.

Cliff asked me to make a quilt for us to sign and also to fill out family info. 

Here is my start...

And here is this quick method...you may have done this...but it sure is quick!!

Sew 1/4" around all sides and cut twice diagonally...press...

Chain piece...

Do ya'll know about this twirly thing in the middle??? 

Clip...very carefully...one or two little threads...and press on seam one way...one the other

It makes a very nice FLAT seam...on the back...

and on the front...

I have to keep a sample by the sewing machine to help me remember...how the next time!!!

More pics tomorrow...or Thursday.

Blessings all,


  1. I would have to take some lessons from you! Will share with my sewing friend about the twirly thing. That is a great idea to make a quilt to sign. When we left Michigan to travel in our fifth wheel a friend gave me a small one for people to sign. It is hanging in one of the guest rooms. Nancy

  2. What a great idea having a family signiture quilt!!! Love your fast easy way to put it together

  3. Hope you have a joyous day............

  4. That quilt will be awesome! Love the colors. I like your twirly thing instructions. The pinwheel quilt directions that I just made said to press the seams open. This worked good, but I'll try your method next time.


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