Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Apron....Recycled

You may remember my November 11, 2012 post about bidding on what turned out to be two skirts that I thought were aprons....they were wonderful "Chicken Scratch" skirts well and lovingly made for someone and they are mine now!!!

Well, here is my attempt at remaking the green one into a Christmas apron for me.....

I tried NOT to cut but just take out the side seams and use the waist band as they are, but the sewer must have used a stitch length like...NOT 10-12 because I could not get those stitches OUT...

I cut the seam and the zipper right on out of there!!!

and used the extra fabric from both sides of the zipper to extend the ties on the waist band...

Looking more apronish.....

Now finished. It proudly hangs beside my mama's Christmas apron and her mama's church apron.

Finished some presents for the little ones too...

Blessings all,


  1. These are very pretty aprons. I remember dresses with embroidery like this. In my late mother's things were a few patterns which came to me; I made an apron using one of cats.

  2. That made into a lovely apron! Pillowcases? Nice. I think those are fun to make. Nancy


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