Friday, September 7, 2012

The end of my Guild Presidency...

For the past two years, I have served as president of the Neuse Quilters Guild in Kinston, North Carolina and have learned so much about how our guild functions. We are a small group with 36 members with 21 active members.  We meet weekly unlike most and so we get to know one another well. We still have 3-4 of our original members who take their memberships very seriously and serve as our guild "authoritarians!

I look forward to being a "regular" member again and sitting with my favs and doing some hand my sunflower quilt still needs work...

On my last day as president, my sweet husband came and brought me these lovely flowers

and I was just thrilled and sooooo surprised. But he knows what a challenge this was for me serving ladies who are older than me, for the most part, and my first real challenge since retirement too.

The members make quilt blocks for the outgoing president and I choose this little 6" basket with rick rack handles so I can make it into a wall hanging to place on my sewing room wall...

Here are most of them with a few members who will bring them in a few weeks...

and here are a few close ups too...

Aren't they just beautiful!!!
I can hardly wait to get all of them and begin on the quilt.

Thank you Neuse Quilters

Blessings all,


  1. What a wonderful going away gift!!!

  2. What a lovely gift!

    I have considered joining our guild, but haven't been brave enough to go.

    1. Amy, you must be kidding...your work is so lovely and so worth sharing and you are such an encourager too...take the plunge!!!

  3. What a thoughtful husband to bring you flowers for your special time. I love the baskets with the rickrack. What a lovely remembrance that will be for you. I never wanted to try making a basket pattern because of the rounded handle but think I could handle the rickrack! Enjoy sitting and stitching with your friends now! Nancy

  4. Congratulations on a successful presidency!!! What a keeper your sweet husband is!!! And the blocks - wow oh wow!! So darling! Love the rick rack handles! It will be lovely on your wall!!



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