Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Room with a View....and Give Away!!

This is the first house where I have had a room designated for sewing. Through the years, I have sewn on a card table, the bed, the floor, a I have truly enjoyed my sewing room which is an extra bedroom. It needs redecorating since I last did it 12 years ago, but what the heck, it is MINE!!!!!

I sit in my mama's recliner to use the computer, crochet, work on needlework and watch my small, did I day small, 5" B&W TV...NO, it is NOT a flat screen!!! I think it might have costs $25...

Well, also from this chair it get the joy of looking at may treasures from my life...

My most recent addition is my childhood pink and blue doll baby play pen. I so remember playing with it and all of my other doll accessories in my bedroom and many of those are still in my daddy's attic!!!

After I placed it there, I began to immediately fill it with other treasures...

The doll blankets that our maternal grand mama made for my sister and me,

my Raggedy Ann dolls...much in need of a good bath!!!.....her white pinafore is around her some where...

... well remember placing a marker on her mouth and watching it run.....notice I did NOT do it again to poor Andy...

a wall hanging I made for mama's 80th birthday...

Other items in this vignette  are, a wicker basket that was in my parent's house for many years, I think mama also fixed it up for my little niece with a pretty pink ribbon for a nursery item and I also remember it being in my grand mama's house as a child. Daddy reminded me one day that it was very old and belonged to my great grandmother, his grand mother Sula Heath. He said he never remembers it having another handle, so it has been with out for at least 80 plus years!!! I keep my patterns in it and that is exactly what she used it for.

Oh, and the newest treasure is the small wicker chair that I bought at an auction last Saturday night for $ does make a nice addition..

Don't you want to join me in my chair????


Great give away 44th StreetFabric  ...Lori Holt's fabric ......check it out!!!

Blessings all,


  1. Oh what a wonderful room to create in, full of family memories, fabric and a nice chair. I would love to join you!!!!

  2. I do -sounds like you made a little trip down memory lane. You are a blessing to me!!

  3. What a great little space. I love the old playpens. Guess they don't use them for kids anymore, do they?

    Raggedy must have loved her new lipstick!! LOL

  4. It is wonderful that you can sit and treasure your childhood things and the past! Lovely little chair also! I will check the give away site. Thank you. Nancy

  5. What special items and memories! Thanks for sharing - brought back some memories for me!!

  6. It is o nice to have a comfy seat, and be surrounded by loving family memories. What a blessing!


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