Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wintergreen...isn't that a lovely name for a community!!

I have been gathering family information for our annual Johnson Family Reunion
which is on Saturday, March 31, 2012
at Core Creek FWB Church in Cove City, North Carolina.
None of my close relatives seem to know much about my grandmother's paternal family.
So, today I visited with a distant relative that had the history that  goes back to England !!!

Clem Franklin Wetherington

He lives in a small farming community called "Wintergreen". He is my mother's 3rd cousin.
My mother  (who would be 89) grew up there and had wonderful childhood memories of playing in this sand driveway and building sand castles with her cousins, Helen and Julia. Clem's father, also by the same name, was older than the girls and he would hurry out the drive with his truck and run over their sand castles!!!
Well, I parked in that same dirt drive way today while we shared memories.

My maternal grandmother is Estelle Wetherington Johnson.
Her father is Thomas Jefferson Wetherington.
Tom's father is Nathaniel Franklin Wetherington.
Nathaniel's father is Clement Lyons Wetherington.
Clement's father is Jesse Wetherington.
Jesse's father is Solomon, who was one of five brothers 
all of whom served in the Revolutionary War.
The Wetherington family came to the Greene/Lenoir/Craven County area since 1700.
He was called "King Solomon" because he had 17 children!!

The original spelling of Wetherington is Wyddereendum which means
the family comes from land among the Willows or Willow Trees.
Isn't that lovely!!

Well I have a lot of written information to read through and pictures to look at so it may just take me a while to complete the family history...
but this is a good start!!

Thanks Clem
for a wonderful afternoon!!

Blessings all,


  1. How great you still have family around so you can hear the stories and memories!!! I have a huge scrapbook for my Fathers side of the family with lots of info but haven't even started hubby's. I received your package in the mail today THANKS so much the fabric is super cute!!!!

  2. Ted really enjoyed reading about this! I think "among the Willows" sounds lovely too.


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