Monday, March 12, 2012

Newspaper planting pots...

I decided to make my newspaper pots today to plant my seeds in.
I got the idea from a magazine article I read years ago and make them most planting seasons. They are so easy to make and of course economical and earth friendly  so I encourage you to try them.

Select a can from  your pantry. I seem to like  the smaller can best...
Fold one sheet of newspaper in half...
place the folded edge at the top of the can... 
and begin to wrap towards the end.

I kinda fold and tuck the end up as I roll
ending with a piece of tape to secure the side and the bottom all in one.


Put some in potting soil, seeds, and water!!

You can see what a multi tasker I am...
making the muffins at the same time!!
I forget that I am retired and do not have to rush so now...

Oh, and I have a wonderful potting table that my daddy made for me in my garden house that I could us too...and would not have that dirt to clean up in my kitchen..

for a wonderful week!!

May the joy of the Lord be our strength....


  1. Your kitchen looks like mine most days, 101 projects going at the same time!! Wish I would have had your idea last year, I bought a seed pot maker that is Basically the same thing you are doing for free. Good luck in your garden this year.

  2. Love thrifty solutions like this. Hope you get a bumper crop

  3. That is so very clever!! I'm going to try this with some flower seeds a blogger sent to me. Thanks for the idea.

  4. oh... what a great idea!!! I am going to do this with my girls.

  5. Thank you for sharing such a simple idea. I usually plant seeds with my class for the experience, and we collect their little milk cartons. The idea that they could directly plant this one into the ground without disturbing the root is kinda cool, not to mention another "recycling-caregivers of the earth" lesson.


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