Thursday, March 29, 2012

Garden ...growing...

I have had fun working in my new little garden this year. The lasagna idea has been a success and very easy, so I plan to continue it for years to come.
My onions, radishes, lettuces, spinach and turnips have all come up in varying degrees and I am looking forward to tasting the lettuce real soon!!

To the side of it I will plant my newspaper potted seedlings...squash and cucumbers. They can run with all the freedom they wish and I can also plant some zinnias in the middle of them. But, I do not want to rush the season for concern of frost. I will plant them on Good Friday.

I got all of my bamboo stakes out and have to make more tripods and decide where the tomatoes will go and maybe a few beans.

The weather here in eastern NC is wonderful and is suppose to stay this way so it is really fun getting outside now and know the hot summer is another thing!!


lambs ears...

with my pretty blue bulb me sweet niece gave me a few years back...

love birds...


candy tuff...reminds me of my mama!!

and here is my first and last look as I go and come from the yard...

How is your garden growing?

for a fruitful season.


  1. Goodness! Your gardens are quite a delight. I love the lasagna gardening too. It really does work well.

    You are off to a great start! Just gorgeous and inspirational photos!

  2. It looks like you have a good start on the garden. You will appreciate reaping the rewards of it.

  3. I love spring and all the promise it holds! Your garden should be really rewarding!

  4. I am so far behind on getting the garden in this year, nothing is planted we haven't even tilled yet since it has been so wet. After Easter I hope to get going. Love your fence, I can picture zinnias growing there soon.

  5. I loved the stroll through your garden. OUrs is pretty nothing right now.


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