Friday, July 26, 2013

Ideas Needed...Sewing Room Re- Do...

I need your ideas on helping me re-arrange my sewing room. 

Inspiration rooms...

Photo from  Annie's Cupboards

although I do have these doors

Laundry and Mud Room Makeover

   Beth's  unskinnyboppy blog

this is a laundry room but Hey, I like it!I

Sewing room

Ikea idea page

It has been 12 years since I turned the extra bedroom into my sewing room and OH how I have enjoined it. For those who are sewing in other places -(dinning room table, floor, guest bed, kitchen...well, let's just say, I have been there and THIS IS NICE !!!

I have to 

remove this border

Clean base boards

(I know this is awful but I need to be honest)

Take down window treatments, clean windows 


I am going to try and be BOLD and select the one on the far left...treatments with damask fabric


This I can handle or at least get started on. 


What I can not decide on is how to enlarge my sewing table space.

The sewing table is my great grand mother's stand with new oak top so I love getting to use it and as you can see, I load it up with sewing "stuff" (although this is unusually full)

I found this type of table at Aldi's and I am sure other places sell them to and I kinda like the idea of size and color...but will it adequately increase the table top space that I need?
Please offer helpful ideas of what you have done, hope to do, or what possibilities you see for my space.

Blessings all


  1. You might find it useful to put the new table at a 90 degree angle to your current sewing table...that gives you more space and you can use it without getting out of your chair. Or, you could put your sewing machine on the new table and put your current table at the 90 degree angle as extra work space.

    Joanne in PA

    1. thanks idea and did NOT thin of it!!

  2. Yes, the tables at Aldi are great. I picked up 2 last week to use as side tables when FMQ. They are adjustable for height and that is a very good thing to get that machine down to an ergonomic level.. I have another one that I use for my Featherweight in the family room and they are very sturdy...easy to put away, adjust, and move as needed.
    I agree that a 90 degree configuration will help give you more space. Use the adjustable table for the machine and put the current table to the side at 90 degree angle to the left. It now can be used to support and cutting. The small table in the corner would be a good side table to hold and the extra items you cushions and scissors. Get a drawer unit to fit on its shelf for items too...I put thread in mine. And anything you can get up on the walls is a plus....shelf or thread rack.
    Look forward to what you decide on!

  3. I am getting ready to make our guest room into a sewing room while still keeping the futon in there for guests. What I'm thinking about doing is putting two tables at a 90 degree angle for extra space to spread out as I've noticed others have already commented!

    I've been making a list of what I need in there--sewing table, ironing board, storage for fabric and supplies, etc. Thought that may help me get started! Mine is a small room. Want to paint too. I have a thread rack to hang on the wall; may do a couple of shelves to make good use of the wall space.

    Glad I'm not the only one who is messy when she sews! I cannot seem to keep my sewing table in order--haha!

    1. Mary Ann, I too had thought of putting up the twin bed for guest but we really do not have that fact I had even designed a quilt for the bed, another time OR room perhaps.

  4. Afraid I am not any help! I need help and inspiration for mine! Maybe I can get ideas from your friends comments! Have fun re-doing! Nancy

  5. Oh, Kathy, I could post a picture that would make your current sewing room look pristine! I have my sewing machine on a similar table that I bought from Sam's. It works well but I long for a real sewing table/cabinet but those things cost lots of $$$$. Looking forward to seeing what you do. I want inspiration too!

    1. Jann, you make me feel better...I am working on it but it is SLOW !!!

  6. Hello Kathy! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I see you are obviously a keen (and somewhat more experienced!!) quilter.I'd love to have a dedicated crafting room but in the meantime I make do with my kitchen table!

  7. I always love seeing where others do their quilt work! I would like to share with you a view of my sewing room, which was a spare bedroom (spare, as in, now that the girls are grown). I don't know how to post a link, so you'll find my room on my blog post for September 23, 2011. Have fun redoing your room!!


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