Monday, April 29, 2013

This and That...

Have been trying to SUCCESSFULLY grow our favorite cabbage, pointed head. Well, that is what we call them...early Spring and late Fall are their best growing times. But the bugs are getting ahead of me...

They looked great at first and no bugs were around. But then the heat set in for a few days and there they small worms!! I am really trying NOT to powder them as my farmer friend said I would have to do and have been using my magic spray.

Hot pepper and garlic.

But I have to go out and look for green worms about three times a day and I usually find at least one.

Here is a perfect head...

and this one is right beside of it.   No rhyme or reason??????

Pulled up a lovely radish and some turnip tops too.

And look at at the treasure that I found in the border while cleaning them out...

yes, an Indian arrow head.  My first ever!!

And last...a look at my Saturday night auction find.
Yellow speckled ware.

All for $3.00!!! Love a bargain.

Have a good week and
blessings all,


  1. Those critters are really hungry! The radishes are beautiful. I just planted mine a week ago and they are up.

    You were lucky to find the arrowhead.

    Love the dishes!

  2. Gardening can be so frustrating! I love that neat arrowhead and those dishes are pretty neat too.

  3. I simply must get to that auction......... There is one in Ayden on Friday nights.. Maybe I can try that one first.

    Love your garden..........

  4. Oh boy! Now you've made me hungry for fresh garden veggies after a winter of canned food. We have nothing planted yet; it has been way to cool for any thing to grow.

  5. Nice speckled ware! The butterflys or bugs ate my cabbage last year too. This year my hubby made me new beds and screens to go over them so hoping that works better! I tried putting thyme around them last year but that didn't work for me. Nancy


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