Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our little garden and some quilting...for me/us!!!

Our small lasagna garden up close to the house ( not that our yard is that big,,hahahahha) is coming along.

For those who do not remember my original "lasagna" post it it here Spring Gardening 2012...

Just last week I asked a "farmer" friend when my pointed head cabbage would start to head up and he said....soon....and yes, he was right!!Pretty little heads are coming along. BUT, so are the bugs. So, I gave in and gave them some quick dusting...which I was NOT going to do, but I did not have any hot pepper/garlic mixed up and had to act quickly and I knew it was going to rain so it would really wash off...ewwwwww.

Onions are growing nicely, radish too....some turnips and only a few beets came up, so far...lettuce too

Squash and cucumbers have baby leaves...

Carrots are behind the onions and taking their "sweet" time...this is a first for carrots in our garden.

And here are some zinnia volunteers, I hope!!

Our neighbor is working on cutting the crepe myrtles and got slowed down with poison oak...hope he finishes up and moves the limbs soon so we can get to the garden in the back border..planting sunflowers, eggplant and peppers here.

    This (above) should be my compost..but, I am going to burn it to get it our of my way...for my vision, you know!!

Now on to the quilting.             @#$%^&*()_)(*&^%%$#@

Decided that we needed a bed quilt since I HAVE NEVER MADE ONE FOR OUR BED. Can you believe it??? One for Cliff for our wedding, one for our 10th anniversary, and still working on the sunflower one for our den...but never one for our bed.

So, here it goes....6" blocks

Pretty butterfly backing...

Hope to get to sewing TODAY!!! will keep you posted.

Blessings all,


  1. Your little garden looks great. Hope you harvest lots of veggies and find Lots of quilting time

  2. Gardening is so demanding of your free time!!! LOL Good thing the rewards are wonderful.

  3. Your garden looks wonderful and you are WAY ahead of us! We just started ours Saturday.

    You will enjoy the quilt and it will be very pretty.

  4. Well, I just loved this post!! Especially since i love gardening and quilting! I love your garden flag, the bricks, picket fence....just the whole little garden setup! I hope you have lots of success. And I'll look forward to seeing your quilt! Same here--no quilt for my very own bed!!! LOL!

  5. Your garden is pretty. I never could grown anything like this. Enjoyed your post.

  6. Wow!! Look at that garden already! I haven't even started yet :( Looks like slugs on the cabbage to me, we always have the same problem. Can't wait to see your new quilt!!

  7. Your garden looks lovely with a lot of variety! You've always got a great eye for color and your new bed quilt is no exception. The butterfly fabric is so pretty... Can't wait to see your progress. And what is it they say about the cobbler and shoes for his family? Or rather 'no shoes' for his family as he's so busy taking care of others! Have a good day Kathy!

  8. Your lasagna garden is coming along nicely. I am late checking in. How did your carrots end up doing? And how is the new bed quilt coming? Nancy

  9. Your garden looks great! Thanks for the link about lasagna gardening. I need to see if our library has the book!


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