Monday, August 20, 2012

New space...Old Dining Room

I decided to make our traditional dinning room into a sitting area but still use it as a dinning room when needed...kind of like an "old timey" porch/sun room area.  My daddy is putting his house on the market and we are trying to think of creative ways to incorporate some of his furniture in our house.

That is exactly what I said. Then my neighbor and antique hunting friend said, "why don't you just get rid of some of your furniture". Novel idea, but which pieces. We have never bought much furniture and used hand me downs , which we have loved. So, you would think it would be easy, huh!!

Here is the plan.
1-We have had a thread bear wing chair in the dinning room for a while because I did not want to put it outside in the garden house. I have been deciding to make a slip cover or wait to get the money to recover see it was my first piece of furniture that I bought and I really like it.

2- We area getting daddy's wing chair when he moves and I thought they would look great together in this room...with slip covers that I would make , of course...

3- An ottoman that really goes with another one of daddy's chairs...cover to match the wings

4- Daddy found a really cool small foot stool and bought it for $1 at his church yard will go nicely with his wing chair..

So, two wing chairs and two stools...keep the dinning room table....and I forgot to mention that we are also getting his Hancock chairs to use at the table... keep the existing side board ....put the china cabinet in the kitchen with the Blue Willow (my paternal grandmother's dinning room set that I grew up seeing in her house with her Blew Willow)....I think that is it!!!!!!

Here it is so far....

Finished the window panels, laying on the chair, and the one stool this week end....hope to have them up once we decide on curtain rods.....

I think this chair needs more than a slip cover, due to the damage, so I may try to cover the seat cushion my self and then let someone finish it up for me....I can do the ottoman thought...hopefully next.

Pretty little legs that I did not want to cover up...

I think we will really like in once it is all completed and we can sit in the chairs, on a rainy day like today,

and read and  listen to the rain coming down.  View of both back and front yards...
Blessings all,


  1. Its gonna be great and I bet that you will get more use out of it then when it was a dining room. We only use our dinning table on holidays and birthdays.

  2. I love it! I have some blue and yellow upholstery material for your ottoman if you are interested. I used it for a sofa I had recovered and it is very durable. Got it at the Mill Outlet in New Bern. Could be a good excuse to come to my house for tea. :-) Thanks for sharing, Kathy! You are so creative! Barbara

  3. You have a good dilemma, so many good things to choose from :)

  4. It's a great idea. It is always so hard to get rid of pieces with memories.

  5. The room is going to be so nice when you have it all finished. I too have a problem getting rid of the things we have used and loved for so many years

  6. I think your new room will be so homey and lovely. How talented that you can do some of the work yourself. I too grow attached to our old things! Enjoy! Nancy

  7. It is really coming together for you...... You do have that special touch....

  8. I love that you are making a sitting room out of your dining room. Mine is the same as yours; hardly ever used. Your pieces of furniture are just wonderful, and I'm glad you are finding places for them.


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