Thursday, August 23, 2012

More progress...

I finished the kitchen windows treatments and put them up today and I like them. You know you never really know til they are up and then it is too late!!!

EWwwww..... ugly door....really must paint it when I do the two accent walls...agree????

Final canning for the season...not too many cukes this year for pickles but we did enjoy eating them fresh with onions, tomatoes in "sweet" know we live in the south!!  Only the second time I made squash pickles and they are not easy but good. And pear preserves in front...



  1. Very lovely window treatments and you are right in that you never know how well you like them until they are up and hanging. Yours look good.

    Love the canned goods! That's so appealing to the eye :)

  2. You window treatment turned out to look beautiful! Now while you're enjoying all those canned goods, you'll have a pretty view!

  3. I love your window treatment. Blue and yellow are just so satisfying. Of course, the pretty green outside the window makes it even better.
    Your canning looks delicious.

  4. Great window treatment..... Were they hard to make? I could use something that here.....

    Your canned goods look delicious.......

    Hope to see you soon.

  5. Your kitchen looks so fresh and sunny with the new window treatments, great job!! Still need to make our pickles for the year everything else is already done until fall when the apples come in

  6. Blue and yellow is so pretty. So is all your canned goods! Nancy

  7. I love the blue and yellow combination. Just gorgeous and so pleasant.

  8. Love your new window treatments! It looks so fresh. That is a beautiful view out your kitchen window. Your canning looks wonderful.


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