Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our First Turnip...!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so excited... while looking at our garden this afternoon,  after the much needed rain last night, I noticed something...purple ?????

Yes, it is our very first turnip!!!!

I brought it right in to show to Cliff
just like an excited child!!!

We saw the movie, War Horse ,  and they planted a huge field of turnips in  very rocky land.  If you saw it, you know what an act of love it was to  plow up the field and then hope the crop would grow.

I came home and decided to plant turnips too.

We do not really like turnip greens, which is a true Southern
dish, but roasted turnips with other root vegetables has become one
of our favorites.

Well, this is just one and the others are not ready yet, so I think I will slice this one up and serve on a salad (lettuce also from our little garden)
 tomorrow night
with spaghetti....yum!!!

"Bon Appetit"  all,


  1. How exciting!!! We also don't like greens, maybe I should give growing turnips a go of it. Blush, have never had one. Congrats on your garden, no lettuce here yet we had a frost a week or so ago so everything has slowed down

  2. Hi! Good for you! Your ahead of me! I had planned to have my turnips and peas harvested and then I could plant my squash there. Not going to make that schedule. Guess I will have to buy some pots! Nancy at Cozy Thyme Cottage

  3. My daughter just made turnip soup last was a turnip from last fall though, and i didn't taste it. I heard it was quite yummy. I love the picture of your first one of the season!

  4. Wonderful garden - I also love turnips roasted with other root vegetables. Liking the new look of your blog - I just have not taken the time to convert over - not feeling real confident right now about changing. I just wish we all did not have white backgrounds. Wish me luck. Judy C

  5. Wow! A turnip so early, but I guess you are a bit farther south than we are. I am not much of a gardener but try a tomato and green pepper plant usually. The things that we grow always taste so much better than the ones that we buy, and I know you enjoyed every bite of your salad.

  6. That is a beautiful turnip! True Southerner that I am, I've only eaten turnip greens and not the 'turnip' itself! :) Isn't it fun how we get excited about our garden 'firsts' each year?! We enjoyed the movie War Horse too.

  7. That's a really nice size one too! Turnips are not something we eat but I love roasted root veggies so next time I'll try a few.

  8. So pretty. I have never eaten a turnip. My parents loved turnip greens! I may have to try one...but not the greens. :)


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