Thursday, May 24, 2012

Butterflies...something old...something new...

Out the steps... 

a package with my name.... ? ? ? 

Oh, I forgot. My package from Debbie J.

My new clothes pin bag !!

Gosh I love it !!!

We have been cleaning out my daddy's house and garden house
trying to get him ready to move.
In the garden house was my mama's clothes pin basket so of course, I took it home with me...

I remembered that Debbie sold these pretty clothes pin bags on her 
Etsy site
and I just had to have one.
She made me a pretty pink one with butterflies and mailed it right to me.

Mama loved pink and was quite a nature/garden lover
so the pink butterfly fabric is perfect.

Now here is the empty basket...what to do..


maybe just keep it.

You know, some of my favorite times were spent in the back yard while mama hung clothes on the line and I stood there , in my bare feet, just talking while she listened and hung clothes and took them down...

Probably THE most important thing we give to children
is our time....



  1. What a sweet bag. I think that you should put a flower in the old basket. You CAN'T throw it away!!!

  2. I agree! Time is so important!
    I have a clothespin holder like yours that my husband's aunt had from the 30's! It hangs in my laundry room and is treasured!
    Maybe you can use the basket for a flower arrangement or something.

  3. What a pretty clothes pin bag!!! It really is the simple things that make up a full life

  4. I'm so happy the bag got there and that you like it Kathy! Thanks so much for this sweet post too.

  5. Hi! The clothespin bag is so sweet. I love pink things and pink flowers! Great memories of visiting with your Mom. Mine was drying dishes with my Mom while she washed. Nancy

  6. This post brings back so many memories of my mother haning out clothes too! Beautiful clothespin bag.

  7. Lovely clothes pin bag...... Looks just the thing to bring a smile........

    Now we talk to our children while we are in the car taking them from one place to another.

    Seems to me that something can be said for just staying home more time than being gone...... Just a thought........

  8. I like your clothespin bag, but that you have Momma's clothespins is the best! Thank you for the memory reminder, too. I love those little lessons from Momma that helped form me into who I am today ~

  9. I agree completely that 'time' is the most investment we can make, not 'stuff'. Interesting, I just did a post on 5.25.2012 (had not read yours here, at that point) on how my great-grandparents invested in me by simply 'being' with me. Letting me use my great-grandfather's tools, sew on my great-grandmother's treadle sewing machine. We were the fortunate ones. Thank you for sharing your memories. Your clothespin bag is lovely. Definitely keep the other basket as that is a treasure.


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