Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sour Doug Quilt progress and more strawberry bread

Today was a good day to use up some of those $.99 strawberries 
that I bought at Aldi's !!

Strawberry Oatmeal Loaves
Two , iced for NOW, and one for the freezer !!

I now have ten blocks completed on my 
Sour Dough Quilt...

Have you tried this twistie thing on the back when pressing..??/

Simply clip a few threads, GENTLY
and fold down...
This keeps your seem from being too heavy!!

Let me know how it works for you...



  1. Yum, that looks so good, I need to use up some strawberries I have in the freezer from last summer. I will have to give the clipping of cross points a try, looks like a good idea, thanks for the hint.
    I tagged you in my blog post last night if you want to play along.

  2. Yummy! Both the bread and the quilt!

  3. Both the food and the quilt look yummy! I LOVE THE QUILT BLOCKS!

    I did the seam spinning thing for the first time on my Jacob's Ladder 4 patches according to Bonnie's tutorial. It works well.

    Again, love that quilt.

  4. Strawberry bread looks yummy - love how your blocks are looking and looking forward to your progress with this quilt. Judy C

  5. I love your Sour Dough blocks!! The colors are just so vibrant. I had never considered using black (or is it a dark brown?) that way.

  6. Did you post the recipe for your strawberry bread someplace. It looks yummy.


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