Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rainy day...sewing burp pads...making vegetable soup...

It is raining here in eastern North Carolina today
and our car is in the shop...
so I decided what a great day it is to sew and make a pot of soup
and cheese biscuits.

I loaded all of the fabric, ribbon, and the diapers in the washer
and went to the freezer.
NO meat...good idea to have real vegetable soup!!

I really like the taste of 
Anne's Old Fashioned Chicken Base
Ingredients: cooked chicken, salt, MSG, sugar, rendered chicken fat,
modified food starch, natural flavors, turmeric
(it is one of the only exceptions that I knowingly make)

Anne is a local cook who has a cook book
and also makes delicious/easy frozen pastry strips
that we use for "chicken & pastry" in the east.
She is a Christian and places a scripture in each box of pastry!!

The soup was delicious ...but of course, Cliff asked about the beef!!!

Well...back to my story!!

Diaper burp pads

10 pack Gerber prefolded diapers
and fabric from your stash

Iron the diapers & fabric.
Now measure your fabric to fit the 6 or so inches in the middle
 of each diaper and the length ( each may vary).
Add 1/2" to your measurements
Fold seam allowances of the fabric to the wrong side and press.
Pin fabric in place.
I decided NOT to use ribbon
but used a zig zag stitch
for durability .
Done...E A S Y !!!!!

Notice the heart quilt my sweet mama hand quilted for me in the background...
she would be excited about the first great grand daughter.

Barb, at A Chelsea Morning,
that will help you out...
and I so love her quote on the top of her blog

The sea does not reward those who are too anxious,too greedy, or too impatient.
Patience, patience, patience is what the sea teaches. Patience and faith.
Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Soup is ready
and smells great...
Would love to have you over to share some
with a cheese biscuit!!!

Let me know what tips you have
for making burp pads that might help me
out the next time !!



  1. Well, that soup and cheese biscuit sound delish!! Wish I lived a little closer and I'd take you up on the invitation! :)

  2. Sounds like a productive day at your house!! I did my first burp pad a few weeks ago, it's been awhile since I posted it. I turned the sides of the diaper in and added fabric to just the bottom of the front and back, did decorative stitches on both sides then monogrammed the babies first initial, yours sound much easier, gonna give it a try!!!

    1. you and Marlene are giving me more great ideas!!

  3. I made Vegetable beef soup from a mix (Bear Creek). I use 12 cups of water, while the instructions say 8. It makes it a little less 'salty'. I decided it needed some 'meat', so I added chicken (YES, I said chicken). I also threw in a can of stewed tomatoes, and a can of corn. I might have also thrown in some corkscrew pasta. I like to make my soups 'hearty'. It sure tasted good today.

    Your burp pads are gorgeous!

  4. Yes it was a great day for making soup and sewing! Would have loved to be home doing just that. I love your burp cloths just the way they are. I haven't tried Ann's chicken base, but have eaten my share of the pastry strips!

  5. your soup and cheese biscuits made me hungry... and i just ate! :)

  6. What cute and easy burp cloths, love that idea. And your soup and cheese biscuits look yummy!

  7. I love a soup dinner!!!! It looks so yummy.

    Your burp cloths are just darling. I love the ribbon. They will be put to great use.

  8. Kathy I make a lot of burp pads, many like you do with fabric down the middle. But I also make them with rows of rick rack or ribbons across the bottom. Sometimes I machine applique something on the bottom - at a place where the baby won't be putting his/her face. There are lots of cute things you could put on it - baby blocks, animals, etc. I love making those because no mom ever has enough! blessings, marlene

    1. good idea Marlene...and I have lots of rick rack....I will post some more on another day!! thanks,,,

  9. Your burp cloths are so cute! We had a rainy weekend and I made lentil soup and did some sewing.

  10. I need to find a jar of that chicken base because it has such a great name attached to it. LOL!

    Thanks for the cute diaper burp pad idea. So cute! I just found out that I have been enlisted to host my daughter's friend's baby shower in a few weeks, and I will have to make some of these.

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