Sunday, October 23, 2011

New book and my Genie...

I won the nicest prize....

Monica at the 

had a give away and I entered and WON!!!
then read this book.  It is wonderful and talks about the mature Christian life that women should be living. 
Each chapter is briefly written so you may read as you have time and not get too overloaded with info.

Thanks Monica!!!

My Bernina messed up while embroidering two jackets for my friends daddy's birthday.  Thankfully, I was on the last line of the second jacket when it started to jumble the threads all up on the bobbin. After trying to fix it myself, I gave up and took it to the dealer!!

Well something good came from it...

I get to use my Genie!!
...Michelle at
can tell you all bout this machine...
Her October 2, 2011 post tells about her Genie that she found, cleaned all up and is read for use.

My Genie was a high school graduation present and only cost $99 !!
I have lugged it all around to college and back each year, to every apartment I rented to the beach, to my aunts name it and I took it with me nestled in the back of the car to sew...window treatments, dust ruffles, pillows, shams, garments (before my quilting days  ..hehehe), bathing suits, prom dresses...oh my...
it has had a lot of use and has ONLY BEEN CLEANED 2 TIMES !!!!!!
What a great machine it has been.
Well, I am making an adorable bedding set for my friends new
granddaughters high poster bed and my old faithful Genie
is just sewing along !!!
What fun.

Here is my little prayer pal...

The view from my sewing machine. 
And can you believe that as of October 22 my impatients looks better than it did this summer when it was so hot.

I have the privilege of sewing on the stand that my great grandmother and grandmother used with their sewing machine...the machine was kept in an outside shed for too many years and only the metal was still in tact. So  my daddy had it refinished and a new top put on for me to sew on!!

Blessings all on this gorgeous 
Sunday morning.

The joy of the Lord is my strength.     Neh 8:10
and I hope yours too



  1. Yay!!! Good old Genie! Did you give her some oil? If you need some tips on taking her apart to oil her, let me know. I can help. If you haven't oiled her, she's probably ready for some!

  2. That book looks good. I will have to check it out.
    I'm sorry about your machine. I have my Janome in getting repaired for something I did to it :/
    I am thankful for my other sewing machine which is a Bernina as I had to set it up. My Janome won't be back for a week or two .
    It's nice to have a second machine !!

    Enjoy your Lord's Day!

  3. I also was given a Genie for high school graduation. I loved her and I am fortunate to be a friend of Michelle so she cleaned and oiled my Genie. I think I might get Genie out today and sew on her.

  4. Congrats on your book win. It looks awesome! How fun to use your Genie. I have an old Kenmore that is my backup machine and it has always been so dependable.

  5. Kathy, what kind of Bernina do you have? I want a machine that will embroider too. But i want one that is user friendly. Aren't they sort of expensive?

  6. I love that you get to use your grandmother's treadle frame. I have my grandmother's treadle too and it doesn't run, the part that opens out had a plant set on it that leaked so it's in terrible shape, and it's beaten up and scarred but I love it just the same. Makes me remember that I probably look that way to God too and He still loves me. :) blessings, marlene

  7. That is awesome that you are using your grandmas old frame ~ such a wonderful treasure.
    Congrats on the giveaway win!!!

  8. Congratulations on winnning the book! It looks good. I love the scriptures at the end of your posts.


    Had to sign in as anonymous ... for some reason could not comment on my google account

  9. So glad you love the book! :) Happy Sewing!

  10. Your Genie is a beauty! Love her groovy paint job:)


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