Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 4th Weekend- 2011

We are heading to the beach for the day to swim, eat seafood, and smell the salt air!! We only live about 1 hour & 15 minutes from the coast and it is a lovely drive through the country...and I mean flat, open, green, and sparsely populated country!!! But we love going "the back way"...
( I will try to remember to take some pictures as we go)

(and this is cotton growing in the fields where tobacco used to grow...)

We used to live on our NC coast where I taught school in a small fishing village called Swansboro. We lived on the Intracoastal Waterway, where we watched the yachts going south in the fall and back up in the spring and then on the White Oak River where we saw alligators twice!!

But before we left, I put our flags out to celebrate July 4th, America's Independence Day!!

Here's my little flag pillow that sits in the rocker...

And of course the 4th would not be complete without ...

pickles...I made yesterday but only got enough "free" to make three quarts.
This is an easy recipe that I will post when I get more to make...

and brownies I made last stick of butter and 3 eggs, 2 sq. of chocolate
and they are rich.  You can see we have almost eaten them all!!

HAPPY JULY 4TH EVERYONE...have a safe and restful holiday
in celebrating our nations's wonderful independence!!!


  1. We lived in Raleigh for 2 years (2006 -2008). We loved driving over to the Outer Banks and also to Topsail Island, where I loved searching for shark's teeth! You're right about driving through open countryside on the way there. It was a very pleasant drive. We've been through Swansboro!
    Have fun!

  2. We like to go out to Snead's Ferry for seafood whenever we are in Jacksonville with the kids, and Top Sail for the beach. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Judy C in NC

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!


  4. it's going to be a fantastic weekend!!!! Happy 4th!

  5. It sounds like you have a fun day planned. Those pickles look really tasty. Have a wonderful day!


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