Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fresh Paint...

We have had a few lovely weather days here in eastern North Carolina...84,85,86...
So why not take advantage of being outside and put a fresh coat of paint on our white furniture under the carport? Since we do not have a patio or deck we kinda use our carport as our outdoor space!!


My fern table I found for $16...

and a bench that my daddy made for us.


Well, here they are all painted with a fresh coat of white paint!!
And, I must admit, I am a bit "sweaty", or have a "glow" as we say here in the south...

Until next summer, I am done!!


  1. We certainly have enjoyed the last three cooler days. DWH is currently clipping off the top of the weeds in the front yard - no grass to mow because of the drought - and we keep watering the other plants. Have a wonderful weekend - I sure don't know about all that painting though. Judy C

  2. Is that what that table is really for. I have one just like it, the top could use redoing. Got it out of my dad's barn that is full of stuff he has pulled out of houses. Did not know if it was a table for a plant or who knows what. I have a aloe plant on mine!!

  3. Very pretty. Nothing like white paint to freshen up something.

  4. I love how the white paint ties all of your furniture together! It's amazing how much you can get done when the weather cools off a bit! Enjoy your outdoor space!


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