Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines's Day 2014.....and Monster Cookies

Happy Valentine' Day to each of you!

Made these "Monster Cookies" for my sweet hearts

from Sally's Baking

Except I did cook mine a bit longer.... 12-14 minute.

...and that is all of the cooking I am doing today...lunch on me...dinner on sweetie!!

Blessings and  L O V E  all,


  1. How cute!! I am giving cookies as well

  2. Me too! I made homemade sugar cookies frosted with pink buttercream frosting. Reminded me of when my girls were little and I'd make cookies for their Valentine's party gifts...sometimes I'd use M&Ms, like you did!

  3. Those cookies sure do look yummy and what a nice thing for you to do for Valentine's Day! Hope you had a nice one! Nancy


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