Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pinterest Paying Off...

Finally got around to trying one the recipes that I "pinned" on Pinterest...Pistachio Cranberry Cookies!!

The recipe said it makes 2 dozen but I make 31 cookies..

tasty and so festive for our Christmas season too.

Here is the site with the recipe...

Blessings all,


  1. Good for you, Kathy! I find myself pinning but then not making! One of my daughters always encourages me to "go to Pinterest!" and find something to make there! The cookies do look delicious!

  2. Those look festive and delicious! Pudding in the mix has got to be good!

  3. Very pretty and yummy looking. I can't eat very many cranberries or I get a sore mouth! Nancy

  4. They look wonderful - I've been craving sugar cookies so I may have to make some today! blessings, marlene


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