Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Working on UFO...leaves

Our Guild VP told us to bring something about the log cabin pattern last week and I went looking for a block of the month quilt that I won and could not find it...but look what I did find.

A UFO ...

Started several years ago when I really did not know what I was doing and I got bored.

So here I go again...and I am excited.

The vines were mostly sewn in place so I finished those up and am now appliqueing leaves...

Freezer paper applique for the hearts and leaves and for the vines I used a bias strip maker...

and heart flowers too.
You just never know when something old may become new again...

Subbing this week for my co-worker who is also a FACS teacher (Home Economics) so I can get some stitching time in and her students always love asking never know, it may inspire a future quilter!!

Think I just might put up my quilting frame and hand quilt it...somehow seems right for this pattern with hand applique.

Blessings all,



  1. How nice is that! I wish I could be one of your students - I need to spread my wings and try some new techniques, like applique and curves.

  2. Oh my! That is so pretty! I would like to be one of your students too!!! Nancy

  3. Love the quilt, Kathy! I especially love the vines around the border - really adds something to the quilt.

  4. That quilt will be amazing... well already is amazing!

  5. This is lovely - the colors are so pretty, and the applique adds such a delicate touch!


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